Our Vision

Updated on 9/1/20

This restaurant was conceived five years ago after my partner and I discovered available space in the heart of the neighborhood we grew up in. After years of working in another’s kitchen, the freedom to make every decision for myself was such an enticement that I took the plunge, opening Turtle + the Wolf three months later. As is usually the case when opening a new restaurant, we were served humility daily while learning to operate our own business. Fortunately, we were blessed with a welcoming community that allowed us the time to grow. We didn’t take that for granted and worked hard to improve ourselves from the top down. Over the past few years we felt that we were beginning to hit our stride and becoming the restaurant we set out to be. Alas in March of 2020 we were forced to chart a different course forward. While many restaurants (and other small businesses) have closed for good, blessedly we have been able to maintain our business through our take-out service. We thank you for all of your support during this time while we learned a new style of service with a new set of rules.

As we enter into the next chapter of this journey with the return of in-person dining we look forward to seeing all of our guests again. While our mission of being your reliable neighborhood restaurant remains unchanged, as we move forward in the rebuild of the American dining scene we do so with the knowledge that there is necessary change needed within our industry and our society at large. While we may not have the answers or the solutions, we will continue to listen to the issues. Finally, we unequivocally support the changes required to ensure that not just our restaurant remains a safe and happy place but that the world outside of our walls is one as well.