We are open for dinner Tuesday-Sunday starting at 5pm

Our last seating is at 10pm except on Sunday, which is 9pm

Sunday Brunch starts at 9:30am

For dinner reservations call: 973.783.9800

Our Vision

Turtle + the Wolf is the restaurant I’ve thought about opening for some time now. Growing up in Montclair left an indelible mark on me and created a longing to one day return to this community to raise my family. After graduating college, I left Montclair to find a life in restaurants and discovered my comfort was in their kitchens. With blind fortune, I ended up as a cook at Craft in Manhattan. For the last thirteen years, I have worked my way from a line cook to the culinary director for Tom Colicchio’s restaurants.

While at Craft, I was afforded direct accessibility to the Union Square Farmer’s Market. Here my eyes were opened to the local food movement. As a Chef, I bought into the philosophy that the source of the ingredient was more important than what it would become. I have also been fortunate to come to know the hardworking people growing and raising the ingredients I love to cook with. My mission at Turtle + the Wolf is simple: to cook seasonal food with ingredients sourced as locally as possible, whenever possible, while continuing to support these awesome producers.

Turtle + the Wolf is the fruit of countless conversations (and maybe a disagreement or two) with one of my longtime friends and fellow Montclair native, Matt Trevenen. We have talked of opening a restaurant in our hometown since before we were out of high school. Back then, we envisioned a warm, inviting setting with great food and reassuring hospitality. Today we realize this dream with Turtle + the Wolf

Lauren Hirschberg, Chef/Owner

Make a Reservation

Dinner reservations can be made twenty-eight days prior through the link provided below.

If your desired time is unavailable, give us a call as there may be some accommodation we can make.

Our dining counter is available for walk-in guests. We will occasionally reserve these upon request.

We accept Sunday Brunch reservations for parties of 6 or more only.

Book online or give us a call at 973.783.9800

For additional reservation inquiries or private event bookings please email info@turtleandthewolf.com

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the menu

The menu below is representative of our current offerings.  Any menu changes are based on the availability of the freshest seasonal ingredients. For this reason, our online menu may not reflect in full what we are cooking on any given night. We do update our online menu frequently, but please feel free to give us a call at 973.783.9800 to check if a certain dish is available at the time you will be dining with us.

We do our best to accommodate food sensitivities so please inquire with our staff if you have any special needs.



Large Format Menus

Our large format offerings are meant to be a communal dining experience and it is for this reason we kindly ask for the whole table’s participation. If you are joining us for one of these meals and someone in your party has a dietary restriction excluding them from participation, our kitchen team will work to accommodate their needs.

Each meal includes a green salad to start as well as three side dishes, our buttermilk biscuits, house-made sauces, and desserts for the table.

These menus are priced per person and must be reserved in advance (24 hrs for Fried Chicken & at least 72 hrs for the Suckling Pig).  We do encourage those joining us at the last minute to inquire about the availability of these special meals at the time of your reservation.

Our current Large Format offerings are listed below but we are not limited to just these options. Upon request we have roasted a whole lamb, paired dishes for wine tastings, or have done a seasonal tasting menu. Please feel free to inquire with us should you have an idea that we can run with.

All inquiries can be made via telephone at 973.783.9800 or email at info@turtleandthewolf.com.


whole pig, slow roasted to perfection

$72 per guest



Chef Lo’s secret recipe

$45 per guest


All Large Format Menu reservations must be confirmed via telephone and require an email address and credit card number.

All pricing is subject to change based on ingredients and availability

Turtle + the Wolf is the fruit of countless conversations (and maybe a disagreement or two) with one of my longtime friends


It’s a frequently asked question. The simple answer is that the turtle and wolf were two of the clan symbols for the Lenape Indians. As these were the indigenous people to the area that is now Montclair, I thought this was a cool way to give historical context to the restaurant and its location.

As I did further research, it became evident that the turtle and the wolf were indeed appropriate symbols for a restaurant. Diving down an existential rabbit hole, I learned that the turtle totem, among many things, symbolizes determination, persistence, and the ability to stay grounded in moments of chaos. This resonated with me since most professional kitchens hold a frenetic energy, bordering on insanity. The best chefs* around are those who can maintain their composure and stay on track when the wheels are falling off.

The wolf, as a spirit animal, represents instinct and an appetite for freedom. I feel that cooking is an instinctual, creative medium as much of the food I’ve most enjoyed was prepared by not following a recipe. Being free to follow your instincts, driven by your senses is in my mind what being a chef is about.

I also just thought it sounded cool.


*The author in no way recognizes himself as one of the best chefs around. He is just a dude looking to cook good food and have fun doing it. See you soon at Turtle + the Wolf!

American Cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients sourced as locally as possible, when possible.


We require a credit card for parties of 6 or more and there is a 48 hour cancellation policy.

If you cancel inside of 48 hours before your reservation, whether online or over the phone, there may be a cancellation fee charged to the card on file

We accept dinner reservations for all party sizes. We do not accept brunch reservations, please join us as a walk-in.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

We do and we welcome gourmets of all ages.


You will find a link at the top of our website that will assist with online purchasing.  Online gift cards will be sent USPS.  You should expect them to arrive in 5 to 7 business days.

If you wish to purchase in person, please stop by the restaurant during normal business hours!

Tom Nussbaum, a very talented friend of the family and Montclair community, is known for a variety of work including sculpture, drawings, paper cuts, prints, children’s books, animations, functional design objects, and public artworks.

His sculpture and works on paper have been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States, and internationally.  Since 1987 he has completed over thirty site-specific commissions located in a variety of public settings including public plazas, train stations, schools, hospitals, environmental centers, and playgrounds.  Locally, his work can be seen at the Edgemont Park Playground, NJTransit Bay Street Station, and in the permanent collection of the Montclair Art Museum.

All the artwork in the restaurant is for sale.  For more information, please visit; www.tomnussbaum.com

Our wait time varies from day to day, but it is best to get here early to guarantee a seat. Please note, we only seat complete parties.

The owners (Lauren Hirschberg and Matt Trevenen) were raised in Montclair and are proud alums of Montclair High School (’98)

We are a BYOB restaurant so feel free to bring your beer or wine to enjoy with your dinner.

Dinner begins at 5pm Tuesday through Sunday. The kitchen closes at 10:00pm Tuesday- Saturday and 9pm on Sunday.  Brunch begins at 9:30 and our last seating is at 2pm.  Occasionally we will stay open a bit later or close a bit earlier as business allows so always call before you drop in if its towards the end of our normal dining times.

There is plenty of parking in the rear of the restaurant as well as ample space on the surrounding streets. Those parking in the back can enter the restaurant through the rear entrance.

Turtle + the Wolf is available for full restaurant buy-outs for evening or daytime events.  Email info@turtleandthewolf.com for more details on menu options and pricing.

We are always looking to meet new people, especially those with a love of food, drink, and hospitality. Please send a resume along with a brief intro about yourself to info@turtleandthewolf.com

We do offer catering for most sized groups.  Please give the restaurant a call or email us at info@turtleandthewolf.com

We will hold your table 15 minutes past the time of your reservation.  After that time, we cannot guarantee your table will still be available.  If you are running late, please call us and we will make our best efforts to adjust things for you but we do have to be mindful of our other guests and their reservation times.